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Gloves designed especially for general repairs. They provide excellent touch and high level of protection for all kinds of manipulations and industrial jobs. Nitrile gloves and leather gloves.

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  • 46,99 € a dozen

    3,92 € per each pair

    Guante de robustez y durabilidad extrema, tipo americano reforzado, cosido en hilo de Kevlar DuPont.Protección 4 (Máxima) frente a los riesgos de abrasión, desgarro y perforación. Protección frente al corte de nivel 3.Dispone de un forro interior de alto confort y su cosido, de hilo Kevlar DuPont, con una extraordinaria tenacidad e impresionante...

    46,99 € a dozen
    • 42,34 € x 5 dozens
    • 40,20 € x 10 dozens
    • 39,55 € x 20 dozens

    from 3,30 € x pair

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  • 49,95 € a dozen

    4,16 € per each pair

    Glove robustness and extreme durability, American type reinforced stitching thread of DuPont Kevlar.Guard 4 (Maximum) against the risks of abrasion, tearing and perforation. Court protection from Level 3.It has a high comfort liner and sewing thread DuPont Kevlar, with extraordinary tenacity and impressive strength, it is the ideal place to finish a...

    49,95 € a dozen
    • 45,00 € x 5 dozens
    • 42,73 € x 10 dozens
    • 42,04 € x 20 dozens

    from 3,50 € x pair

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Gloves designed especially for repairments. Leather gloves and nitrile gloves for all kind of manipulation, repairs and industrial jobs. Repairs PPE