About us

Who we are.

Pere Guiu (Technician in Commercial and Marketing Management) and Jordi Domingo (degree in computer science), two former classmates during childhood, we have reunited after 25 years of independent careers and have decided to join our efforts and expertise to undertake this venture.

Episppe born to service the national and international market for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE / PPE). Based on the wide and extensive technical and commercial experience Pere with our supplier / manufacturer of gloves Codespa Divitex, adding the technical and logistical skills Jordi, and adding a necessary dose of passion and effort, we are pleased to present the first phase of this platform to offer the best quality in industrial safety gloves.

Our goals:

Pere Guiu i Jordi Domingo - Episppe

  • Provide a platform for selling national brands with proven levels of quality and control.
  • Establish a lasting and trusting relationship with our customers.
  • Gradually increase the product range to be its main supplier of PPE / PPE.
  • Enjoy our work.
  • Create a profitable and sustainable business.

Our trade name:

Episppe is the fusion of two acronyms with the same meaning but in different languages:

PPE: Personal Protective Equipment.

PPE: Personal Protective Equipment.



Our suppliers:

We started this project with a Spanish brand well known to us (Codespa-Divitex), which offers an assortment of products of proven quality, made with the best materials and the highest quality control and superb service. Which gives us the safety and security necessary to satisfy all our customers.


          Pere Guiu Mauri                                      Jordi Domingo Lapeira