Payment Methods


  • Card payment. 
    Bank cards accepted are: credit card or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron and / or other similar cards). The purchase price will be charged to the customer's bank account. Shall be deemed effective purchase, after confirmation of bank payment center. 
    In the event that the POS (Point of Sale) informed of the refusal of the card will automatically cancel the order, reporting online customer such cancellation. 

  • Wire transfer. 
    This payment will have no cost to the customer 
    To pay an invoice must contain: 
    Invoice number. 
    Name of the person who enters. 
    EPISPPE should be directed to the account number provided by the company. 
    Send proof of income to email: sending in the matter of income proof. 

  • Paypal 
    This mode has no cost to the customer.