Gloves discount.

Here we try to explain briefly our discount policy. Depending on the brand, features, components and its application, each products will have a different discount. This is the best way to provide a satisfactory price with maximum discount  for our customers.

 In any case, for each product, you can see the different prices in the "Discounts" section. The cart will be updated with the corresponding discounts as you add line items. 

We apply several (non-cumulative) progressive discounts which belong to different rates.

  • Stándard small order price: When the order is limited to one pack a single product (*) (a dozen in the case of gloves) Shipping costs will be added.

  • STANDARD Price: When you purchase more than one pack but less than half box (*). It´s the price displayed on the ad and also with the Free shipping.

  • Discount A: For overall sum (*) between less than half a box and one box Free shipping.

  • Discount B: For overall sum (*)  starting form one box. Free shipping.

  • Discount C: For overall sum (*) starting from two boxes. Free shipping.

  • Other discounts. Discounts can reach higher rates for big purchase volume. Please contact us for more information and let´s talk

(*) Overall sum: The sum of all amounts of the shopping cart. Note that not all products have the same number of packs per box (can vary between 6 and 20 packs per box in the case of gloves). Automatically apply the discount corresponding to each product in such cases. You can see how many packs containing each box in the "Technical Specifications" section of each product.

Discounts other products.

At the moment work very similar to discounts glove visit record and cart for information on each case.